• Prepaid Card (for Women)

Prepaid Card (for Women)

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Ici Gayane Haarmode
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The "Strippenkaart", who doesn't know them ...

You used to be able to move with a strip card in regional public transport, nowadays the OV chip card has replaced the strip card.

However, many companies still use the strip card to pay for recurring treatments in advance and to give a discount to their customers.

With a "strippenkaart" card purchased from us you are entitled to the number of treatments ordered. With a strip "strippenkaart" of 5 treatments you get the 6th treatment at a 50% discount and with a "strippenkaart" of 10 treatments, you get the 11th treatment for free.

After purchasing such a "strippenkaart", you will receive an invoice from us and you will receive the "strippenkaart" by email. Together they form the proof of payment and you can have the treatments stamped off of the "strippenkaart" every time when you visit our salon.

Benefits at a glance

  • 5 strips (6th treatment 50% discount)
  • 10 strips (11th treatment free)
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